The Evolution of Online dating

When Online dating first came about around 1995 it was not very popular at all, people would often mock another for using online dating by calling them unacceptable names such as ‘Desperate’. This was when the internet itself was young and fewer people were using its service. Online dating was not accepted 21 years ago just as the internet was not accepted. ‘Get off your computer and go get some fresh air’, ring any bells? The internet itself was shunned by the older generation from the 60’s and 70’s.

21 years later however, many online dating websites have over millions of members from all around the world! So how exactly did things escalate? The same way other things in life are accepted over time, the internet itself is used by over 3.2 billion people in the world as of 2015. We no longer hear mothers shouting ‘get off that laptop’, it’s now ‘Mom what are you watching online?’

People no longer call others silly names; in fact those bullies now use online dating themselves as it is the second most popular way in the world to meet someone. People have come to realise over time that online dating is as normal as using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; it is simply a great way to interact with people all around the world instantly. It has been accepted by many Countries, religions and people of all backgrounds.

Some reasons why online dating has evolved into one of the most popular ways of meeting someone are by:

  • Its safety benefits
  • Getting to know someone in your own comfort zone
  • Not rushing into a relationship
  • Having a wide variety of people to choose from
  • Its success rate

These are just some of the reasons as to why it has become so popular. When a couple gets married they are generally asked how they met, there reply being ‘Online dating’ is as normal as a person saying they had fish and chips for lunch. It is widely accepted by millions around the world and will continue to grow over time and one day it will be the number one way of meeting people.

In this day and age technology has increased and we now have instant messaging, webcam chats and online calls. Webcam chats and online calls can be worrying to some people as it is a bit too much for online dating especially webcam calls. Many people feel under pressure when going face to face on webcam because it is so realistic, it usually requires 2 hours of make up for women and an hour of finding the right shirt for the man!

People can now add each other as friends, search for a match using specific requirements such as:

  • Age
  • Height
  • Religion
  • Job
  • Country
  • Highest education
  • About themselves
  • What they want from a partner

And much more, these factors increase the chance of a person finding their right match. You can also block a person from contacting you if they harass you. You can hide information about yourself that you do not want people seeing such as the country you are from or your age. Over time online dating websites have been specifically tailored to meet customer satisfaction from thousands of surveys and feedback reviews. Today we have state of the art websites that are simple to use and require no previous computer skills, they value customer safety and have a wide variety of members from all around the globe. Online dating has come a long way!

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