How To Make A Good Impression On A First Date (As A Woman)

So you’ve been in contact with a man for some time now via online dating, you can see a potential relationship so it’s time to meet on a first date. It’s the 21st century and things have changed, women are allowed to ask the men out and women usually call the shots these days! However I am 99% sure the guy will get to that stage first, so you don’t have to worry too much about that. Depending on the type of guy you are talking to, he will may ask what you would like to do and where you would like to go. But if he says something like ‘listen we are going for Chinese, whether you like it or not’, then it’s probably time to hit the block button.

I’m pretty sure that’s not going to happen though, the asking out stage will really show how much he has been listening to your interests and hobbies. Only agree to a meeting if you are completely happy to do so. If you have any doubt then do not feel pressurised to meet, it would be a good idea to let your family or friends know  of your progress. So let’s say you have agreed to meet at a nice Italian restaurant on Friday at 8pm, your next step is to prepare. By now you should have already done a full background check on this guy, most of us women have the investigating skills of an FBI agent so I’m assuming you have been spying on him for the past month, which is totally normal….*ahem, moving on…Make sure you meet in a public area not a quiet restaurant without any street lights out front! Suggest a restaurant where you know and have been before, after all your safety is most important.

Its date night, make an effort to look nice, dress according to the standard of the restaurant. As a lady, It’s okay to be a little late! Makes me look less needy as I like to play that game…*throat clearing becoming a usual thing here*…but I’m talking minutes not half hour or you will be eating on your own! When approaching the strapping lad you can either side hug him, shake hands or smile and walk in together, anything else would be a bit too much for a first meeting. Monitor his gentleman skills, according to him, it is simply a ‘first meet’, but to you, I’m guessing it’s a test to see if he passes or not. The ‘candidate’, if you will, is marked on his manners, confidence, looks and sense of humour. So, ask him questions to get to know his personality more. Maybe even have a few questions prepared (seriously!), talk confidently but don’t overdo it to make him feel like a child, allow him to feel like a man in charge of the conversation and date. Of course, we know differently 😉

Key points to remember when trying to leave a good impression:

  • Be yourself
  • Dress well
  • Be kind
  • Listen to him
  • Be confident and act independent
  • Don’t flirt too much
  • Don’t be needy or desperate
  • Talk about intellectual topics and not about what colour you are going to paint your nails tonight
  • Don’t be too wild and shout when you talk or laugh so loud people on the other side of the room can hear you (*embarrassed monkey emoji*)

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you to act lady-like when eating; we women are practically perfect in every way so I will leave that part out. So dinner went well, conversation was flowing, he was listening to you when you were speaking and he did not talk over you, nor you over him. There was a few times when there was an awkward silence but you simply carried on eating and taking long chews while thinking of the next thing to say, so far so good. It’s time to pay and the waiter has brought over the bill. To leave a gob smacking impression I suggest you take out your purse and offer to pay, he will definitely say no but inside his heart he will be really happy; you are not the average gold digger! Just a gold digger who has plotted in advance to kill the scent…oh my, I made myself laugh with that one! If he tells you to put the money away then this is another good tick. On the other hand if he lets you pay I suggest you throw that lovely glass of wine all over him and leave! Just kidding, don’t do that, he could be going through extreme financial circumstances and that is totally understandable. In which case, you should be slightly suspicious, as “male-gold-diggers” exist too…#justsaying

So It’s time to leave and you’ve had a great night, say your goodbyes and go your separate ways, if he sends you a message asking if you got home safe then that is another bonus and the conversation will flow from there on. So the next paragraph is irrelevant to you lucky ladies.

This will determine if you left a good impression on him, if you have taken my advice I’m sure you would have. Wait until he contacts you first, if it’s been 24 hours and no call or text then its time you sent him a message. Ask him if he had a good time and also say ‘Sorry I didn’t call or text I have been really busy’, this will break the ice if there is any to break. Judge his response and see if he is still interested as you don’t want to waste your time with someone who is just wasting yours! Hopefully all will be well and he has just been busy with work…good excuse.

So your texts go smoothly and there will be a second meeting. Well done you! You’ve made it passed the hard part! Choose an easier date for numbers 2 and 3, something like the cinema or bowling, as conversations flow so much easier when you are moving around. See how it all goes, you never know, we could be hearing wedding bells if he plays his cards right!

Good Luck!


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