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Frequently Asked  Questions  

  • How do I post my success story to your blog?
    If you have a success story you would like to share, we would love to hear it! Please send your story via email to info@humsingles.com ensuring the subject field is “success story” or fill out the online form here using the same subject field. We will review your story and contact you with our feedback and decision. 

  • Will my subscription renew again once the initial term is over?
    No, your subscription term is the only term you will be charged for. If you signed up for 3 months, then after 3 months your subscription will expire and you will have to authorise a new payment to reactivate your membership.

  • How do I make my information invisible?
    If you want to hide information within your profile you can do so after logging in and accessing your profile settings. These can be found under your main image where you read messages and upload pictures. Click the tab marked settings and select “profile visibility”. Then choose what information you would like to hide.

  • How do i cancel my membership?
    If you wish to keep your profile but cancel any membership you may have with us, simply login and access your profile. Above your profile picture, select “Upgrade Account” and follow the onscreen instructions.

  • I made a mistake when filling out my profile information upon registration
    No problem! Sign in to your account and navigate to your profile page. Under the profile tab, select “edit”. Here you are able to adjust, add or remove any information you wish.

  • My email address has already been used
    Once you have used your email address to register, you cannot use it again. Please reset your password, by selecting “forgotten your password?” in the login box and following the onscreen instructions. If it was not you who registered using your email address and you believe someone has used it fraudulently, then select the “forgotten your password?” option in the login box and enter your email address. You will receive an email containing a link to reset your password. Do this then login to the account and access profile settings and select “delete my account” and follow the instructions to ensure the account has been deleted.

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