Cheating?? Right under my nose?!?

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    Have you ever been in a really awkward scenario where your partner has been cheating on you with someone you know…very well?? Or maybe even a time you were aware of something like this happening to someone you knew?
    Im familiar with it, all too well…
    Around about 4 weeks ago, I introduced my friend Harv and his wife Kat to my other half. I’d known Harv for years, and he recently moved to the city so we had a chance to meet with him for the first time in a while. He had only been recently married, and he was very fond of Kat and their relationship as they SAY they always kept things cute and fun.
    However, when we all met, Kat and my wife seemed a little on edge for some reason. My regularly jovial wife wasn’t her usual self at all. I tried to get a moment alone with her so i could make sure she was alright, but i didn’t get a chance.
    Anyways, we had dinner, and some drinks, all-in-all a nice time, so we said our goodbyes and headed for the cab outside.
    When i finally got the chance i asked my lovely lady what the problem was, and she spilled it……
    Harv’s wife is apparently a bit promiscuous…In fact she had been up to ‘no good’ with one of my wife’s co-workers only a few days earlier!
    As you can imagine, i was in a bit of a predicament…Harv being one of my closest friends, seemed extremely happy with his relationship and so pleased he finally found a girl as wonderful as Kat. So i either break the news to him and his heart for that matter! Or keep it to ourselves and hope she changes her ways…

    What do you think we should do??

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    Shoiab khan

    Very wrong! cheating is an act by which only a dog should do.

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    Jamal Iqbal

    Haram! cheating is a big sin

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    Sam Johnson

    Only insecure people cheat

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    Stacy Louise

    Cheating is a disgraceful act. Why stay together and cheat when you can leave if you feel the need to cheat. Many couples end up single because a man or woman can not stop cheating on each other. Cheating is as wrong as any other crime.

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