Online Dating Safety Advice

Safety Advice & Tips for Online Dating

When meeting people, you should always use your better judgment and common sense so as to maintain a proper level of safety for yourself and others around you.

Hum Singles monitors accounts for suspicious activity on a regular basis, but we cannot conduct criminal background checks. You must always be vigilant when conversing with or meeting anyone you met online. Assessing a match’s sincerity, truthfulness and honesty is ultimately your responsibility. Trust your instincts. If something sounds suspicious then believe it is suspicious and treat it accordingly. We suggest cancelling any contact you have with anyone who you deem to be suspicious. If you are on a date and you feel threatened or uncomfortable, leave immediately.

Always be aware of suspicious behaviour or anything that might cause or result in harm. Examples include:

  • Asking personal questions involving finance
  • Forcing a meet
  • Asking for contact details too quickly
  • Asking for your last name so soon
  • Claims to be a resident from a certain country but currently travelling abroad.
  • Asking for money or other services to help with their financial situation or stresses
  • Asks for help with financial transactions
  • Asks for help with movement of goods
  • Ask things you believe are inappropriate
  • Asks for home or work addresses
  • Someone who tells stories that seem unrealistic
  • Any other requests that seem suspicious or farfetched

If someone does anything listed above or similar, be sure to cease all communication with them

report them to Hum Singles using the online contact form or by emailing us at

Some general advice 

Be cautious when giving out your personal information such as your personal phone number or email address. You cannot get it back once it has been disclosed! We suggest ensuring your mobile number is private when calling people for the first few times. Agree to a cancellation of personal information contract with the person you are contacting. Meaning you will both erase each others personal information if either of you decide you wish to cease communication.

Always use caution if you are sent a link to a website. The link you are sent could cause harm to your device or computer.

Meeting People

We encourage you to conduct your own research before meeting with someone in person. Use social media to search for them and confirm they are indeed who they say they are.

Also, when meeting someone you met online, always meet in a very public location, a busy coffee shop or restaurant for example. If they ask to see you at their home location or a remote address, politely decline and use your better judgement on what you should do about it! We suggest ceasing to communicate with this person.

Always take a fully charged mobile phone with you incase of an emergency.

Always notify at least one family member or friend of your plans and the time you should be returning. We advise you take someone with you for your first meet, just make sure you let your date know of this before showing up with an uninvited friend!

Choose to meet at a reasonable time, such as the lunch hour, when there will be plenty of people around. No matter what time of the day you choose to meet, ensure you limit the amount of alcohol you consume! Alcohol will impair your judgement! For the first few dates, no alcohol would be advisable.

No matter how much you might want to, don’t go home with them after your first few dates! You wouldn’t have had enough time to judge their character.

Never allow someone to pick you up from your home address, always try to use your own transportation, catch a taxi if you don’t have a vehicle.

Always discuss how costs will be split before incurring large expenses on your date, as this could lead to aggressive behaviour if not decided early.

Always ensure you have all your personal belongings with you and don’t leave any lying around while on your date.

Take things slowly! There is no need to rush into anything. Ensure you have a calm mindset and are thinking clearly at all times!

Finally, always be polite and respectful. 

Don’t always assume they are the ‘one’. Your goal is to find someone with whom you are compatible. This is never an easy matter! Persevere in your search and take your time.

Always respect other member’s wishes, if they decide they no longer want to talk with you, then respect that request and cease communication.

Always be careful and ensure you are safe at all times. If you think you know of anything suspicious, then notify Hum Dating immediately.

Send an email to or use the online form to contact us.

We wish you all the best success, happiness and safety during your endeavours, and hope you find the ‘one’ for you with us.

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